Which Gold IRA Companies Can I Trust?

When I first looked into including gold in my IRA I was uncertain of what I was supposed to do. I researched and contacted a number of different companies and the one I felt most comfortable with was called Regal Assets. The representative who helped me was extremely knowledgeable about gold investing and the mechanics of setting up gold IRA accounts. He helped me out through the entire process and the information that he provided me with was extremely invaluable and I probably wouldn’t have made this happen without his assistance. In fact I’ve used Regal for all my gold and precious metals dealings ever since and have never looked back. The representative I first spoke to became my Account Executive and I now consider him as much a friend as a business contact.

I’ve put a personal video review of Regal Assets below. It’s only a couple of minutes long and in it I reveal the main reasons why I recommend them. If however you’d prefer to skip that then just scroll down to the form further below where you can request one of their Free Gold Investment and Retirement Kits. One of their brokers will then get back to you.

Regal Assets are also recommended by Columnist, talk show host and actor Alan Thicke. You can watch his short video here:

What Is The Process For Setting Up a Gold IRA?

When I set up my own Gold IRA with Regal Assets this is how the process worked:

  1. I requested a free Gold Investment and Retirement Kit which they sent to me. Also one of their representatives gave me a call at that point and answered all the questions I bombarded him with!
  2. In the kit they sent me I got a 1 page setup form, which was really easy to fill out.
  3. Once I’d filled out the form I scanned it and emailed it back to them. From that point on they pretty much took care of everything.
  4. Once they received my form they emailed me all the paperwork, which they had already filled out for me. All I had to do was print it out, sign it, scan it and email it back to them.
  5. Once they got my signed paperwork back they set up a self directed IRA with Sterling Trust for me and advised me the account number as soon as they had it.
  6. Once I had my account at Sterling Trust they worked with my existing custodian to transfer my funds from my existing retirement plan over to Sterling Trust. All that was tax free and with zero penalties.
  7. Once my money was at Sterling Trust a broker let me know and then I had to decide what kind of metals I wanted in my portfolio. I wasn’t too sure about that so I spoke to the Regal Assets Account Executive they allocated to me and he gave me some good advice and answered all my questions.
  8. Once I chose the metals I wanted Sterling Trust sent the money to Regal Assets and in return Regal Assets sent my chosen metals to the depository I nominated (which also they helped me with).
  9. Since my metals have been at the depository I’ve been getting quarterly statements. I can also check the progress of my account 24/7 online.

One other thing worth mentioning is that because I had more that $10,000 in my existing retirement account Regal Assets took care of the setup fees and the first year’s storage charges. That saved me about $300 compared to what I would have had to pay to other companies.

How Do I Get Started?

If you would like to talk to Regal Assets about opening up a new gold IRA account or about transferring or rolling over your existing retirement plan, then use the form below to request one of their free Gold Investment & Retirement Kits just like I did. Make sure you include your phone number then one of their knowledgeable representatives over there will get right back to you. The Kit they send you will include the 1 page setup form which is all you will need to complete to start the simple process.

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