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With the current turbulence in the global economy investing in gold has become one of the best and safest ways to maintain financial stability. Even in ancient times gold helped bolster economies. In today’s modern times you can use gold to strengthen your investment portfolio, hedge against global financial insecurity and protect your wealth.

Actually, given the fragile state of the economy worldwide right now it can be argued that there has never been a better or more sensible time to be buying and holding gold.

A good way to start is by collecting gold coins. Savvy investors know that the price of gold is on an upwards trend and that over time their gold coin collections will increase in value. Moreover, with the advent of the internet it has become easy to purchase authentic gold coins from the comfort of your own home. This has made gold investing easier than ever.

Why It Makes Sense To Include Gold In Your Investment Portfolio

Gold can be viewed as a liquid investment. This means that if ever you are in urgent need of cash or funds you can easily sell it. You can sell at any time and anywhere. You won’t get this advantage and flexibility with many other forms of investment.

When you invest in gold, history shows that you are always assured of making a profit over time. Of course there always have been and there always will be short term fluctuations in gold prices but overall the value of gold has been increasing consistently, and should continue to do so.

Latterly the increase in the value of gold has been quite remarkable. For example, the gold cost per ounce was $400 in 2004, by 2008 it had increased to around $900 per ounce and in August of 2011 it reached a record high of just above $1900 per ounce. Needless to say, gold investment in that period has created a lot of millionaires!

Feeling safe is another factor that encourages people to invest in gold. When the economy goes through trying times, you can still feel safe in the knowledge that you have made a secure and reliable alternative investment. It will protect your wealth.

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Investing in Gold Coins

Gold coin investing is a type of investment that has high portability. You can easily carry a case of gold coins. Should you want to sell them you can ship them easily to the respective destination without incurring high costs.

Informed investors will testify that you get more value for older gold coins (18th/19th century ones) because these are very scarce. You can also buy high value certified gold coins that are minted and distributed by the government in limited quantities.

If you are looking for aesthetic appeal in your investment then you will find that in gold coins, many of which are available in stunning designs. The Double Eagle gold coin designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens for the US Mint in 1905-1907 is still considered to be the most stunning gold coin ever issued. There are also other American coins like Indian Heads, Quarter Eagles and Eagles which are all renowned for their beauty. They not only look good but also offer great value.

When you invest in gold (certified bullion) you are investing in an asset that is absolutely legal. By law the government cannot confiscate or take away your certified bullion coins.

Furthermore buying gold bullion coins is easy and straightforward because they are readily available and accessible.

Investing In Gold Coins Can Be Both Lucrative and Fun

A lot of people love to collect gold coins and for many folk this is an enjoyable hobby. In the process they learn a lot about gold and its history. You can collect gold bullion coins or commemorative gold coins for your personal enjoyment and later if the need arises you can redeem them at a profit. However most people who collect gold coins as a hobby prefer to treasure and keep them because of their beauty and rich history.

Some gold coins tend to be very popular and therefore high in demand. For example in 2002 a Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin was sold for $7.5 million dollars. This was a record price and it remains the highest to date. It is not difficult to appreciate the value of gold coins from the collector’s viewpoint.

There is a vast number of popular American gold coins for sale and there are lots of takers. Depending on the date of manufacture and popularity these coins can fetch prices ranging from $1000 to $20000.

Making investments in gold coins is also a sensible way to diversify your portfolio. There is very little risk involved here, particularly if you are taking a medium to long term view. It is sounder than relying solely on a mutual fund but you do also have the option to include your gold coins or bullion as a percentage of your overall mutual fund account.

Did you know that you can also use gold coins as a means to protect your retirement portfolio? I highly recommend this strategy in the current economic climate. I have included a lot more information about this here: “Golden” Retirement Planning

Conclusion – The Case For Gold Coins

Investing in gold is becoming increasing important for everyone – nations, governments, the wealthy and everyday folk alike.

In difficult economic times it is used as a safe haven, a hedge against inflation and a means to protect wealth. Gold is always high in demand and historically has always increased in value. Also, in many cultures having gold jewelry is very popular both for adornment and as a form of investment.

Nowadays one finds a trend amongst investors to favor gold because it has more potential compared to other forms of investments such as bonds, mutual funds and savings accounts. It is more lucrative than the traditional and previously favored investment vehicle of real estate in the current climate and whilst real estate values have been in serious decline of late the value of gold has continued to soar.

This is why many investors are now diversifying their investment portfolios and including gold, silver and other precious metals as an important part of them.

It has never been more important to make gold a part of your investment portfolio. And one of the easiest and less risky ways to do so is to invest in gold coins. They are easy to store, they are portable, their value is always linked to the prevailing spot price of gold and they are an extremely liquid form of investment. For information about buying gold coins from the ease and comfort of your own home click here now.

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